Our Board and Patrons

The Board is comprised of a highly professional and committed group of 12 members, each of whom volunteer their time to govern Court Network and provide strategic leadership for the organisation.

The primary role of the Board is to also determine, monitor, and strengthen the organisation's impact on the people we aim to serve in courts across Victoria and Queensland.

Board members must also act in accordance with Court Network's Statement of Purposes and Rules, which includes all relevant legal obligations and responsibilities, particularly with respect to offering proper financial oversight.

Our Rules prescribe the participation of Networker members on the Board to ensure that operational and front-line practice wisdom can be represented as part of the Board's strategic work. This also provides an opportunity for Networkers to connect with the governance side of running the organisation; and allows for greater accountability to the wider Networker community to know that Networker members are contributing to decisions that impact on the future of the organisation.