About Us

Our Mission

To provide the community with volunteers who stand beside, empower and instil confidence in all court users.  

Our Vision

To be a nationally recognised organisation, providing the community with volunteers to support all court users and enhance access to justice.

What We Do

Court Network is a frontline community organisation that enables court users to better understand and navigate the court system in Victoria and Queensland.  

Our Role

Our role is to empower and increase the confidence of court users in managing the requirements of the courts. The focus of our Mission is to provide non-legal support, information and appropriate referrals to other services, such as family violence services, victim support, housing, mental health and community legal centres.

Our Service

Court Network’s core services are grounded in three key service elements – support, information and referral – delivered before, during and after court.  

Support for court/tribunal users which is active and empathetic includes: 

  • Building rapport and creating a safe space to connect and access assistance 
  • Responding to the individual and diverse needs of all court users  
  • Enhancing the dignity of all court users by responding in a non-judgmental and respectful manner  
  • Recognising that court users often have particular needs and vulnerabilities 
  • Ensuring court users are listened to and their needs are identified, prioritised and responded to  
  • Providing scribe assistance for court paperwork, when court users experience access barriers or difficulties (e.g., financial assistance or intervention order application forms) 
  • Promoting the safety of court users 
  • Respecting and advocating for the decisions made by court users 

Practical information provided by Networkers assists court users to: 

  • Understand courts and legal systems and the processes they use  
  • Navigate ‘the system’ and find out where to go and who to speak to 
  • Understand court etiquette – the behavior expected at court 
  • Respond to safety concerns before, at, and after court 
  • Contact courts and tribunals 
  • Understand the next steps 
  • Understand various hearing arrangements (e.g., online hearings, remote witness, security) 

Referrals are provided by using accurate and up to date knowledge of services and are responsive to identified and prioritised court user needs. Referrals are provided to: 

  • Court-based services such as duty lawyers, family violence applicant and respondent workers, Koori support workers, and interpreters 
  • Community-based agencies such as legal, homelessness, housing, family violence, health, financial, disability, LGBTIQ+ and other support services 

Networkers may also provide a range of valuable administrative activities that support the operations and functioning of our services.  

Our Philosophy

Court Network's service philosophy is based firmly in the belief that anyone who comes to court is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. They should have information about court processes explained to them. Therefore, we extend our service to people accused of crime, and to the family members and friends who are there to support them.

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