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Support Throughout The Court Experience

Going through the court process as a victim of crime is often stressful and can sometimes add to the trauma already experienced. If you are an adult victim of a violent crime, a witness to a crime or someone supporting a victim, the VSU can support you throughout your court experience.

Once you initiate contact with our service, a member of the VSU team will get in touch to talk about the services we provide. This can include developing a court support plan that meets your individual support needs.

Contact the Victim Support Unit to request support.

Our new guide to supporting adult victims of crime through the court process (in Queensland) is available here.

Support Available

Professional VSU staff oversee the services provided by our teams of trained volunteers.

Before and During Court hearings

  • Information about court processes and court operations
  • Pre-court visit to familiarise people with the set-up of a courtroom
  • The development of a court support plan to assist with individual support needs
  • Support with attending pre-court conferences
  • Contact with other services, including police and the prosecutor’s office
  • Maintain contact as the court date approaches
  • Assistance with competing Financial Assistance Applications
  • Support to prepare Victim Impact Statements
  • Referrals to other services for ongoing support and counselling
  • Provide access to a safe place at court
  • Meet you before the hearing and provide support while you wait to give evidence
  • Be present in the courtroom while you give your evidence
  • The VSU service is available in Brisbane and Ipswich, including support during court hearings. We arrange in-court support for people at Sunshine Coast and Gympie and offer direct support by phone, email and Skype in the lead up to and after the court hearing.

    Contact the Victim Support Unit to request support.

Adult Special Witnesses

If you have been defined as an Adult Special Witness, the Victim Support Unit can assist you by providing support while you are at court (see Support Available section above), including while you give evidence, and by planning for your safety. Our support is in addition to the support you may receive from a family member or friend. If you are being supported by another agency, we will liaise with them to plan your support.

Victim Support Unit Networkers are NOT able to provide legal advice; counselling; direct financial assistance; transport or child care.

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